What does VAIS Ringtone Maker do?

Create Ringtones from Audio Files

When it comes to ringtones, "Chimes" and "Ripple" will only get you so far. If you use your phone for a while and get tired of the ringtone that comes with the phone, then you can try VAIS Ringtone Maker to make your own ringtone. It extracts the catchiest section from different parts of songs or audio files to create ringtones. The ringtone can be completely customized to your tastes. VAIS Ringtone Maker - a fantastic way to add individuality to your cell!

Make Ringtones from CD

What are you going to do if you want to use an audio section from your CD as the ringtone? Need to rip the CD first? VAIS Ringtone Maker saves much effort by allowing you to input it by simply clicking "Load from CD". That means you can directly edit the music contained in your own music collection to create unique ringtones.

Make Ringtones for All Mobile Phones

Some cellphones only support polyphonic ringtones, MP3 real tones and WMA formats. This clever ringtone making program can turn any piece of audio into the most popular ringtone formats which can be played on any kind of mobile phones such as iPhone, Android phone, Windows phone, etc. making it an excellent choice for any mobile device.

Artistic Audio Effects

Face it, the ringtones on your phone are boring. Wants to personalize your ringtone? VAIS Ringtone Maker provides artistic audio effects when creating ringtones and you can apply echo, fade in, fade out, amplify and normalize to set yourself apart. You don't need to be a professional when choosing effect settings and each of them provides the effect presets that even novice users can manage. Before adding effects to your ringtone, you can pre-listen to it to decide whether it is exactly what you want. Besides, other file can be mixed with the current one if you wish to.

Precise Control for Ringtone Length

If you think second-based editing is adequate for ringtone making, then you are wrong. Some cases require greater precision especially when you want to set a tiny division between words. VAIS Ringtone Maker enables you to select any audio tracks with accuracy as high as 0.001 second and you can precisely select the part you need. Provided with a slider bar, you can conveniently get to the point where you want to convert or you can set the duration time manually.

Adjustable Preset Quality

You may chicken out when facing various values of bitrate, frequency and channel and definitely don't want to bother to set them separately. VAIS Ringtone Maker helps you out by providing well-defined quality presets and it has already done all these for you. Users from any level can easily deal with the quality settings with just a few clicks.

Visually Edit Your Ringtone

It helps you visually edit your music. You can visually select any part you want and zoom in to get a close-up view of your file or zoom out to see more of the waveform at a reduced size. Meanwhile, trim, delete and cut are all available to get the ideal sound track.

Super Easy

With concise and intuitive user interface, the whole process of your favorite ringtone generation can be finished in just a few clicks. What you need to do is input the audio file and select the part you want to cut or adding effects if needed, that's all!

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How to Make Ringtones?

Cell phone owners who want to achieve unique ringtones instead of wasting time and money in downloading? You need a ringtone maker to create exactly the ringtone you want for your cell phone.

VAIS Ringtone Maker is an excellent ringtone maker which can quickly turn any audio files like MP3, WMA, WAV and audio CD tracks into your favorite ringtones. The ready-made quality presets for your output ringtones and specify settings to suit your needs for mobile phones. Effects like fades in, fades out and echo can make your ringtone more attractive. You can set the audio length with high accuracy and visually perform various editing operations. Now you can export your stylish ringtones to your cell phone and make it ear-catching. Learn more >>

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VAIS Ringtone Maker

Awards and reviews

"This ringtone maker software does what it advertises. It helps users quickly and easily makes successful ringtones by importing music files hard drive or from CDs. Many adjustable effects are available and you can click a button to add them to your ringtone."
"VAIS Ringtone Maker has taken care of any user's ringtone making need that it is well organized and fairly simple to navigate and also keeps advanced users in delight with the sophisticated editing options. It is worth a deep dive."

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