What does VAIS Screen Capture do?

Record Anything on Your Screen

Imagine this: when you move the cursor, launch a new program, type some text, visit a few websites or watch some videos... anything that you see on your screen, VAIS Screen Capture will be able to record them so that you can play them back later. No matter for what reason you need desktop screencasts: to create a software bug report, a demo, a video tutorial for your clients, friends or parents, VAIS Screen Capture will entitle you to capture your screen in an easy and accurate way.

Record Video with Sound Synchronously

Most of other screen recorders only support recording the screen without any sound, so it must be a hard work for you to combine the screen pictures with your voice when making a presentation. A unique feature of VAIS Screen Capture is the ability to capture the audio of whatever sources while recording the screen. That means you can record video and any audio synchronously. No more waiting for encoding and editing - as soon as you stop recording your video with sound is instantly available.

Create Recording Schedule

Feel awful to wait until the whole recording process is complete, knowing it might last hours? Take it easy because you can just create your scheduled task with VAIS Screen Capture. Without any supervision, it will automatically stop the task and save the recording at the preset time.

Record without Time Limit

VAIS Screen Capture displays the maximum recording time available based on the size of the hard drive it is installed on. As long as you keep it working, what you do on your pc screen will be captured, which means that you can record hours of screen to show others how to use your software or website.

Optional Recording Region

With optional recording region modes like custom area, free hand mode, around mouse, window and full screen, you can decide whether to record the full screen or any fixed region like active window, object, rectangular region of the screen by clicking some buttons.

Make People's Life Easier

For whatever reason, VAIS Screen Capture brings you great convenience: you can make e-learning lessons which can be shared with others and tutorials as well as training, later learning; it enables you to make your own video sharing them with your friends or uploading to websites; in order to demonstrate your products to the customers overseas, a product demo is very important; if your computer is in trouble, you can send the recorded video to your friends for online help.

Record Webcam Video & Online Streaming Video

How not to miss the brightest moments and keep them not just in memories but also in your hard drive? The answer is to record a webcam video. With VAIS Screen Capture, you can record streaming video from webcams to share your experience, teaching, and study with relatives and friends no matter where they are. Many video sharing websites do not offer downloading options that watching high quality streamed videos often becomes a mess. Unless you have VAIS Screen Capture, which can record online streaming video without slowdowns and you can store it in hard drive or play on any device you like.

Video/Audio Codecs for Optimum Displaying

The limited number of codecs out of the box has always been a major setback in initial media playback experience. To play the recorded video in high quality, VAIS Screen Capture provides advanced video & audio codecs. You specify the target video codecs, frame rate, bitrate as well as output video quality for a flawless and clear displaying on any device. It is furthermore possible to set the frame rate of the recording. Anyone can customize audio bitrate, channel and volume. For beginners, it is recommended to use the default presets.

Add Overlay to Video Recording

Overlaying an image on a video can provide a convenient solution for watermarking clips or branding a movie. Do you just want to overlay the words "summer camping" on to some of the footage in the short film about your camping trip? With VAIS Screen Capture, you can easily add overlay image to a video for copyrighting or adding important message.

Filter Effects & Recording Adjustments

You can improve the recording by applying your own special touches to make it look distinctive and professional. VAIS Screen Capture provides profound filter effects to give your recording a grainy or high-contrast appearance, an aged or old-fashioned look, a dreamy look and more. You can adjust the brightness, contrast, darkness, saturation, color noise, reverse color, etc. to suit your needs. Additionally, you can designate the type of screen rotation, Grayscale drawing, Sepia drawing.

Designed with Ease in Mind

VAIS Screen Capture requires a minimal level of experience in order to benefit from its functions to the fullest. Users who never worked with screen capture software before will be able to start a capturing process in less than a minute as it has been designed with ease of use in mind.

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How to Record Screen?

Maybe you are trying to make it easier when showing someone how to do something or maybe you need to record some strange behavior if an app isn't working as you expect. That's why you need a screen recorder to capture the screen and save as playable video.

VAIS Screen Capture is used to record everything happening on the screen of your PC. It not only can capture webcam video and online streaming video, but also can record audio synchronously, which means that you can create demonstration videos on the fly without having to record the sound in the editing process. No matter how long the video will last, its maximum recording ability will suit all individualized needs. Meanwhile, the scheduled recording can free yourself from waiting in front of the computer. Moreover, a set of post-recording options comes in handy to enable you to apply overlay image and filter effects to the recording. Learn more >>

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VAIS Screen Capture

Awards and reviews

"After searching and comparing VAIS Screen Capture with its competitors, we can draw a conclusion that it is one of the few best screen capture software by its flexible recording and outstanding output quality. You can literally record any part of your screen."
"This versatile software satisfies users with speed and simplicity - a rare combination in the modern screen capture technologies. The straightforward interface design makes this program easy and enjoyable to use."

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