What does VAIS PDF to Word Converter do?

Convert PDF to Word Documents

Are there times when you need to update information in a PDF but don't have the original file and don't want to retype the entire piece? VAIS PDF to Word Converter can simply save your PDF file as an easy-to-edit Microsoft Word document so that you can do any editing job you want in the output Word document.

Keep Original Layout Unchanged

It is aptly preserved when a PDF document is being converted into editable Word format with VAIS PDF to Word. This means columns, tables, headers, footers, graphics and layout reproduced will remain the same as the original document without any variation.

Better than Online Conversion

Based on VAIS's proprietary PDF to Word conversion technology, VAIS PDF to Word Converter gives users high quality conversion results with its advanced PDF recognition technology. This tool can always be considered as a better alternative than the manual, time-consuming online conversion.

Convert with Ease

VAIS PDF to Word Converter is much easier to get your work done as it should be. Distinct buttons and crisply designed user interface is elaborately prepared to heighten your user experience. It enables all users to finish the conversion within 3 simple steps - so many comforts are contributed!

Batch Conversion Ability

Sometimes you may ask, "What if I want to convert multiple files?" VAIS PDF to Word Converter allows batch conversion and you can import as many files as you need and convert them with a single click.

Fastest Conversion Process

The fastest and efficient conversion engine allows you to convert your PDF files to well-formatted and editable Word in seconds. No matter how large your file is, VAIS PDF to Word Converter will finish the job accordingly. Even a file with hundreds of pages, it can successfully finish conversion in minutes.

Optional Render Modes

It is also advanced to convert PDF content with varying degrees of editability in MS Word. "Flowing" is to keep the Word document as if it is typed manually, "Exact" is to make Word document look exact as original PDF and "Continuous" is a compromised combination of flowing and exact modes.

Specify Page Range

What will you do if you get a PDF file with hundreds of pages but what you want to convert is just a few of them? VAIS PDF to Word Converter is all about PDF to Word efficiency and selectivity. It provides customization by letting users decide if they want to convert all pages or a page range, which is a good way to avoid wasting time on converting useless pages.

Stand-alone Utility

As a standalone program, VAIS PDF to Word Converter is truly a great value and a must-have for those who require no other third-party program like Adobe Acrobat or Office. Moreover, it does not interfere with other programs running on your computer making them slow.

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How to Convert PDF to Word?

Sometimes you may create or receive a business document in PDF format and you need to repurpose its content. Due to the editing restrictions placed on most PDF documents, converting a PDF to a Word document is extremely useful.

VAIS PDF to Word Converter is the most efficient PDF conversion software that can transform any amount of PDF files into Microsoft Word format in seconds. It helps preserve the look and feel in PDF as close as possible so that what you see in your PDF document is what you get in Word, saving you extra effort tweaking the resulting document. It is available to convert all pages or specific pages and you can specify render mode for desired editability. VAIS PDF to Word Converter comes with batch conversion mode which allows users to import many PDFs for conversion at one time. The friendly and intuitive user interface makes PDF to Word conversion tasks simple and enjoyable. Learn more >>

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VAIS PDF to Word Converter

Awards and reviews

"From our tests, what we found is that VAIS PDF to Word Converter gives users high quality conversion results with its PDF recognition technology. the conversion speed is a bit faster than some tools we test. Meanwhile, the UI is nothing but straightforward."
"VAIS PDF to Word Converter converts PDF files into exactly what you want it to be. Thanks to one of its options of rendering mode, there is barely difference in the format or style or anything, totally identical. All the links are kept and clickable."

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