What does VAIS PDF to Image Converter do?

Convert PDF to Image

Sometimes you may want to make a PowerPoint presentation with an embedded image which goes faster than with a PDF document. So, in such specific cases converting your PDF documents to an image format like JPG or JPEG could be the solution you are looking for. VAIS PDF to Image Converter is a simple to use, yet sophisticated file conversion utility specifically designed to convert PDF files into image files. It is characterized by its high speed, scalability and high visual fidelity.

Why People Choose Image

In some specific cases converting PDF document to image format could be the solution we are looking for. Browsers have the built-in capability to display images while handling PDF documents requires an external application or plug-in; the rendering of a PDF document comes with the handicap of loading time while images can be streamed in; Office applications also do a better job of handling images in comparison to PDF.

Convert to JPG

Is it a big hassle for you when you're trying to insert a PDF file into another document or presentation? Or is it confusing for your grandparents or kids when they need to install another program to read the PDF you sent? Converting PDF file to JPG format enables you to view, embed and share them with ease.

Convert to TIFF

PDF might be accepted by most people for its ability to keep data protected from copying. However, sometimes it is necessary to create TIFF copies of PDF files for the further use in faxing and printing, etc. Plus, with VAIS PDF to Image Converter, engineers can easily convert their designing in PDF to multipage TIFF, showing to others with great convenience.

Optional DPI Value

The resolution or sharpness of a picture is determined by the number of pixels it has. More pixels improve the resolution of a picture, which allows you to make an ideal print without reducing visual quality. VAIS PDF to Image Converter provides multiple options for DPI values so that you can enjoy the high viewing quality on monitor or produce small sized images to swiftly share online even when lacking knowledge of image resolution.

Image Resizing

In order to make the converted images in suitable size for your viewing, printing, publishing or sharing needs, VAIS PDF to Image Converter has the capability to resize images by providing customizable the pixels of width and height according to your needs.

Simple Process for Easy Conversion

With a user-friendly interface which can be easily accepted by most people, VAIS PDF to Image Converter can operate PDF to image conversion with great facility. It contains not so many steps and procedures for you to follow and even individuals that are not experienced with computers can fulfill the conversion within a matter of minutes.

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How to Convert PDF to Image?

PDF document to image conversion improves the data accessibility to a great deal. In many cases, you may need to use the PDF information on line or read the content without PDF readers, then you can convert them to images.

VAIS PDF to Image Converter is such a PDF to image converter that will help you export pages from PDF files as images. By modifying the DPI settings, VAIS PDF to Image Converter will export high quality images from PDF and you can use them for printing or publishing. If you want to convert only a part of the file, you can define the page range. You also have more options for the final converted image format like JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF, TIFF, G4 TIFF, WMF, etc. To protect your PDF content, you can add password or create digital signature. Plus, you can preview the resulting images by applying zooming, Fit Width/Height/Page and switching pages. You can do the file conversion in only 3 steps and no more instructions need to follow. Learn more >>

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VAIS PDF to Image Converter

Awards and reviews

"VAIS PDF to Image Converter's clear-cut interface is very straightforward and we can imagine it would work efficiently in many users' routine work. It supports all the widely used formats and has options to adjust the quality for each format."
"We evaluated many software packages but selected VAIS PDF to Image Converter due to its ability to convert PDF to image, including multipage TIFF. Surprisingly, for JPEG images, it can even resize the image when converting."

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