What does VAIS PDF Reader do?

Read Any PDF Easily

PDF files are quickly becoming one of the fastest growing formats for disseminating compiled information. VAIS PDF Reader makes PDFs easy to read without converting them into a different format such as Microsoft Word. It comes with an enhanced PDF reading engine that is 100% compatible with any PDF file scanned, image-only, from email, the web, etc.

Fast to Load

VAIS PDF Reader takes its efficiency to a completely new level by allowing users to read PDF document smoothly. You can switch to any page without any sluggish experience. Hundreds of pages document will take you only a few seconds to load!

Flexible View Adjustment

The text is sometimes too big or small when you first open a PDF document, but a few clicks can help you change the unsatisfied viewing by specifying the zooming options. You can choose Zoom in, Zoom out, Fit Page, Fit Width and Fit Height to get the view that suits your screen most.

Quick Navigation with Bookmarks & Thumbnails

Bookmarks are a highly interactive PDF element that will allow readers to navigate directly to bookmarked pages when viewing the file. Bookmarks are accessible from VAIS PDF Reader sidebar. VAIS PDF Reader also provides readers with a thumbnail preview of each page, by hitting which you can jump to the page you want.

PDF to Word/Excel/JPG Conversion

VAIS PDF Reader makes editing a lot easier by converting PDF to other formats like Word, Excel, JPG, HTML, etc. You can freely manipulate the content of the PDF document without the need of retyping the data.

Guard against Malicious PDF

Malicious PDF files are frequently used as part of targeted and mass-scale computer attacks. VAIS PDF Reader is able to analyze PDFs to understand the associated threats so as to guard your data accordingly.

Safe to Use

VAIS PDF Reader is such a safe utility that no malware, adware, spyware, Trojans or viruses is included. What's more, it never requires users' registration and personal information. Security and privacy problems will never stalk when you enjoy reading with VAIS PDF Reader.

Associate with PDF

Instead of starting VAIS PDF Reader each time when reading a PDF file, VAIS PDF Reader enables you to associate PDF documents with VAIS PDF Reader to make it as the default program. From now on, much effort will be saved by only double clicking the files you are going to read.

Print & Email Conveniently

VAIS PDF Reader raises your productivity by quickly activating the printer whenever you need to print out the PDF. It allows you to go even further that any PDF document created from another file format can be sent to your friends directly via VAIS PDF Reader if you choose "Email".

Effective Text Search

PDF documents are harder to edit and search than Word processor documents. VAIS PDF Reader makes the PDF content indexed and searchable if you need to search for text in more than 10000 pages. What you need to do is simply input the content and wait for the highlighted searching result for detail checking. Moreover, you can copy and paste the searched results

Key Tips for Faster Operation

VAIS PDF Reader creates keyboard shortcuts for anything so as to help you to get your work completed faster. Once you get the corresponding keys in place, you will wonder why you didn't use them sooner.

Custom UI

With its exceptionally easy-to-use interface, this award winning PDF reader software gives you the ability to access PDF files quickly and efficiently. The button, menu and toolbar are all adjustable to suit your needs. For those who use iPad or smartphone frequently, touch mode can't be better.

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Why VAIS PDF Reader?

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How to Read PDF Files?

Do you ever need a PDF reader that can swiftly open whatever PDF files to view? It's not easy to find such a tool that takes little system resource while letting you fluently view the PDF content.

VAIS PDF Reader is such a tool that can help read PDF files you downloaded or you create such as service manuals, user guides, articles, eBooks, calendars, tax returns, legal documents, inventory lists, etc. and whatever other kinds you can come up with. The design of VAIS PDF Reader makes navigation efficient while the low usage on system resources gets you the fastest loading and viewing experience. You can adjust the view by various zooming methods, jump between pages by thumbnails or choose the page number you want and what's more, it supports viewing by bookmarks. The text searching can help accurately find the content you need. It is convenient for you to print or email the PDF directly without activating other programs. Another highlight is, any malicious PDF that contains threats can be prevented by VAIS PDF Reader. Now, it's your time to make a fresh new choice on PDF reader. Learn more >>

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Awards and reviews

"VAIS PDF Reader's biggest advantage is how fast it is in terms of loading PDF files. A 300-page test PDF file with text and images opened instantly. This makes it ideal for situations where users quickly need to open and glance through several files."
"We have tested it and compared it to Acrobat Reader that the emphasis with VAIS PDF Reader is not on the number of features, but instead on convenience. Bookmark and thumbnail are supported for easy navigation."

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