What does VAIS PC Cleaner do?

Deep Cleanup to Improve PC Performance

It is common that the growing junk files can potentially slow down your PC performance. Temporary files, various log files, index files and backup files might have taken up your hard disk space extensively. VAIS PC Cleaner can clean up your disks in short time to make your PC as fast and clean as you can imagine.

Complete Scan of PC

VAIS PC Cleaner works with a smart search engine as well as good compatibility. It can scan for junk files precisely and doesn't involve other files that are defined as safe ones. When scan is finished, all junk files are listed. With the detailed scan information, you are able to know what you are going to clean and your cleaning job will not be blindfold.

Save Disk Space

Do you know your hard disk has been littered with junk files you don't need, taking up precious hard disk space? This useful tool can help you to identify more than 50 types of junk files in your hard disk and it will show occupancy distributions for each local drive. Then, VAIS PC Cleaner will do the cleanup as you told or automatically and you will be amazed at how much harddisk space this program can gain for you.

Thorough Cleanup of Online Activity

Maybe your PC has usually been used to have some activities online, no matter reading news or blog, shopping, bank transfer, and so on. What you don't know is that these activities might leave unnecessary burden to your system and hard drive. VAIS PC Cleaner can help to clean Internet histories, cache files and cookies to prevent disk failures and unnecessary system slow-downs.

Protect Private Information

With its powerful scan engine, VAIS PC Cleaner has the ability to locate junk files precisely and quickly, especially those local shared objects, log files or some other traces. These files take up much space in your hard disk and more importantly they can be a danger to your privacy. Thus VAIS PC Cleaner helps to prevent the threat until your private information used by other people.

Specified Exception Files

The advanced exception file option allows you to select what type of files to be excluded. In other words, you can keep only the files, directories you choose. You can "Add" or "Remove" any kind of files and directories with different extensions. This way, you can clear up space on your hard drive without the nagging worry about "What if the useful files are deleted".

Custom Cleanup Mode & Safe Deletion

This PC cleaner can delete the files in the way that you tell it to. The files or folders can be normally deleted, permanently deleted, or first moved to the Recycle Bin in case you may need to restore them. It can prompt a confirmation box before removing a file or folder.

Clean Various Disks Connected

VAIS PC Cleaner can be used to clean various disks, internal or external, like computer disks, secondary hard disks, zip disks, memory cards, USB Drives, etc. The analyzer gives you details on disk occupancy to help arrange your files more rationally. You are allowed to clean all the disks at once or just the selected ones.

Advanced Cleanup Options

The professional cleaner provides many other advanced options, letting you search for files with wildcards that Windows supports. You can also choose the types of data you want to remove: temporary directory, recently used documents, files in recycle bin, old update files as well as system log. It suits most people's needs for accurate cleanup.

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How to Clean up PC?

What's the biggest drain on your PC performance? Probably, you've got too many files and applications wasting valuable space and slowing down your system. VAIS PC Cleaner is efficient PC cleanup software that can tidy up your system, allowing it to breathe while wiping away the junk data and temporary files.

VAIS PC Cleaner scans your disks quickly and then displays the garbage files that occupy your disk so that you can decide which of them you want to remove permanently. To protect the privacy, VAIS PC Cleaner is able to identify and eliminate potential unwanted files like log files, local shared objects and many other personal data, including traces of your online activities. Moreover, it is suited for cleanup in both internal disks and external storage devices in order to keep them in shape. Learn more >>

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VAIS PC Cleaner

Awards and reviews

"According to our recent test, VAIS PC Cleaner is the most pleasant and proficient one around. The advanced searching options make things a lot easier for pros. After a scan, it shows us a result of over 3 GB of trash, more than many its competitors. That's impressive."
"VAIS PC Cleaner has gone above and beyond what most users expected in disk scanning and cleanup for online activities and junk files. It is safe to use for novices because it will skip delicate part of your system."

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