What does VAIS OCR do?

OCR to Extract Text from Images

VAIS OCR is an optical character recognition utility, able to extract text from varieties of source documents such as scanned paper documents like scanned PDF, magazines, newspapers, agreements, orders, court cases, etc. and image files like photos, pictures, drawings, etc. It makes your documents fully editable and searchable. Whenever you need to extract the text from a paper document, VAIS OCR should be the first choice that comes to your mind.

99% Accurate Image to Text Conversion

VAIS OCR is able to reach nearly 100% recognition accuracy when facing poorly-printed or poorly-copied text while the average recognition accuracy for other tested devices was only 90%. Some OCR software always put the text through a spell checker to "guess" unrecognized words. Unlike them, VAIS OCR is able to capture the number accurately by analyzing a document and comparing it with the fonts stored in its database, for instance it can tell the differences between "0" and "O", "1" and "I", etc.

OCR to Word

Want to make some changes to a document or copy parts of the contents, but all you have is a scanned copy? Once you've imported your scanned document, you can then select where and how you'd like to export it. You can decide to export text to MS Word which puts multiple resources directly at your fingertips. You are allowed to perform tasks such as drawing, designing picture-heavy documents, inserting tables or spreadsheets and many others.

Image Adjustments

VAIS OCR provides some image adjustment controls that you can make any changes of the scanned image whenever necessary. For example, you can zoom in the image to get a close-up look; if the analyzed text is displayed upside down, then you can rotate it; or if you don't need everything on the scanned document, then crop the part you need to create a selection to extract.

Connected with Multiple Types of Scanners

Given the slow, awkward way your current scanner performs, it's hard to imagine using it to convert a stack of documents into scanned images smoothly. VAIS OCR makes scanning documents simple that most types of scanners can be connected with it. You just need to click the scan button and the scanned images will be auto-imported into the workplace. Within seconds, the paper documents become editable!

Text Editor

Sometimes you may need to insert one paragraph of your own words or make some correction in the article you extracted from a magazine. It could be a hassle if you have to open another editor for insertion and correction. VAIS OCR is an amazing time saver which provides a build-in text editor, allowing you to make necessary changes for many text editing tasks as well as removing line breaks, copying or clearing text, etc.

Fast Processing Speed

Time is the most precious resource and nobody wants to waste it in waiting. Now with innovative VAIS Video Converter, you can enjoy your converted movies in mere seconds. Unlike regular video converters, VAIS Video Converter is equipped with CUDA & DXVA technologies which enable format changes in the blink of an eye. It utilizes your multicore processor to the max by estimating your CPU usage and loading the processor cores in the most efficient way.

All Image Formats as Input

Your document should be any valid image, for example, JPG/JPEG, TIF/TIFF, BMP, GIF, PNG, EMF, WMF, JPE, ICO, PCX, PSD, TGA or others. No matter what kind of images you download from websites, scanned images, created from professional tool like Auto CAD, received from friends, etc. VAIS OCR is able to analyze the files and extract text effortlessly.

Get Text with Ease

VAIS OCR is much easier to get the work done as it should be. Distinct buttons and crisply designed UI are elaborately prepared to heighten the user experience. It enables all users, inexperienced or professional, to finish the conversion within 2 simple steps: open the documents and then click on OCR.

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How to Extract Text from Image with OCR?

To extract textual content from images can be exhausting because it most likely leaves you no option but retyping. To avoid this kind of tedious work, you need VAIS OCR, a highlight in text extraction software.

VAIS OCR is equipped with the most advanced OCR technology to provide a nearly faultless piece of work, swiftly picking characters and words contained in whatever images. It even works for multi-column layouts, non-standard fonts and low quality images. 100% accuracy is difficult to achieve, but what VAIS OCR strives for is close approximation. With the built-in text editor, you can copy, paste, remove line breaks and clear the text if needed. It comes with many other desirable points like image adjustment, saving the extracted text to Word or TXT, etc. You can import image files of whatever formats. Meanwhile, any scanners can be bundled with VAIS OCR so that you can launch your scanner with a click of a button in VAIS OCR interface to directly scan the paper document into VAIS OCR workplace. Now you can get the text you need for further editing, formatting, searching and indexing. Learn more >>

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Awards and reviews

"VAIS OCR shows its great ability to us that it sets no limit to image formats and scanners. To put it simply, users can input any image and click one button to extract the text. The accuracy is high, saving lots of time correcting wrong spelling and marks."
"In our test we see the reason why VAIS OCR beats its competitors: the precise text recognition and fast processing speed. What a user needs to pay attention is that the source image should be zoomed in AMAP to get better result."

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